Know Your Triggers

Being aware of triggers is crucial to successfully managing eczema. When Samantha was first diagnosed with eczema, her formula being an eczema trigger was the furthest thing from my mind. I immediately changed our laundry detergent and paid close attention to anything we was putting on her skin.  She was still having severe breakouts and we couldn't figure out why.  A friend of mines suggested keeping a food journal for a few day.  I was able to narrow down her trigger to her formula.

One of the formula options was a soy milk.  We switched to that and she would vomit and have sever diarrhea. So sever that daycare wouldn't allow her to return for a few days.  After consulting with her pediatrician, I found out she was lactose intolerant. I immediately saw an  improvement in her skin after removing dairy.

When she was old enough to eat table food, we started to more breakouts after she ate pasta.  Which was another beast in itself.

I will probably get on your nerves by talking about journaling so much.  Journaling can save your life when all else fails.    

Have a fantastical day.

Chaundra and Joe Turner

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