Chaundra had a very real problem to solve, right in her own home. Her husband and two of their children suffered from eczema. In addition to eczema, her daughter Samantha had food and environmental allergies that were contributing to her eczema.  She was too young for an allergy test, which made it even more frustrating.

At this point, she was super disappointed by cost and the ineffectiveness of the products being suggested by her pediatrician. Essentially, they were a waste of money. She would apply the suggested products and less than a hour later she would have to apply more.

After months of spending money on products that wasn't working, she decided to invest in herself. She knew there wasn't a cure for eczema, but knew there had to be something that provided relief.

After extensive research, she was able to purchase ingredients that were more effective with eczema prone skin. After trying different combinations, she landed on the gold standard for nourished and hydrated skin and All Over Butter was born.

She took it a step further and had All Over Butter lab and Eczema Relief Oatmeal Soap dermatologist tested.    It can be used for the entire family.

Our Mission:

Provide relief for dry, sensitive, eczema prone skin.

Our Purpose:

Educate the world about eczema.  

Our Core Values:

  • Be a team player
  • Celebrate your wins
  • Community involvement
  • Be a person of your word
  • Treat everyone with kindness and respect
  • Meet the customers needs

Our Promise:

  • Be honest with customers and staff
  • Create products that promote healthy skin
  • Give back to the community in the forms of scholarships