Eczema in Infants can be a result of allergies.

Mom's who breastfeed can unknowingly pass allergens on to their little ones.  Food allergens can present itself in various ways.  Your baby can have an eczema breakout, develop a rash, have gas or even diarrhea. Below is a list of common allergens in infants.

  • Soy
  • Wheat
  • Dairy
  • Peanuts
  • Eggs

Most doctors won't preform an allergy test on children until the age of 2. Keeping a food journal that contains everything you eat, can possibly help you narrow down what foods your child maybe allergic to.  This is a temporary solution until your child is old enough to receive the allergy test. If you notice that your baby has an eczema breakout after you consume one of the items listed below, you may want to eliminate it from your diet while breastfeeding.  This does not replace any medical advice or take the place of an allergy test.  

It is also very important to keep your child's skin moisturized.  Our All Over Butter and Ultimate Hydration are absolutely amazing. They naturally hydrate your baby's dry sensitive skin. 

Enjoy your weekend.

Chaundra and Joe Turner 


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