Hydrate from the inside out.

Water is a super important to our bodies. Especially if you suffer from Eczema. An adult body consists of 55% to 65% water.  When our body is dehydrated, it doesn't work properly.  The skin becomes super dry, nails and hair become brittle, and some of our organs don't function properly.

If you are anything like I use to be, drinking water is a pain.  I started off by adding lemons to my water.  I found squeezing the juice in the water instead of placing it directly in the water gave it a little more flavor.  I also sometimes use water enhancement drops for extra flavor.  Whatever you have to do to increase your water intake is fine.  Just get it in.  Your body will love you for it. 

Be sure that you are using a good moisturizer like All Over Butter or Ultimate Hydration to help seal in (All Over Butter) or add moisture (Ultimate Hydration) to your skin.

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