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We love All Over Butter!  It was the first thing we found that actually helped my son’s skin after trying countless other products! I wish we had found this first! It is so good!!

-     Amy L.

ver Butter - Eczema


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I love love love the soaps…..They really work in soothing the dry/eczema skin.  They also moisturizing like no other soap Ihave tried.  I tried this for the firsttime recently and I give Chatham Natural Skin Care my honest stamp of approval.  My new go to skincare for my dry skin!!

- Willie M.

utter - Eczema & 3 Oatmeal Soaps

  • 1. Why do you use gluten free oatmeal?

  • 2. Is this safe for babies?

  • 3. Is All Over Butter only for people with eczema?

  • 4. What does All Over Butter consist of?

  • 5. Should I only use All Over Butter Eczema Formula on my area's effected by eczema?