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Chatham Natural Skin Care

Ultimate Hydration - Nut and Mango Free

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Ultimate Hydration is a nut free and mango product that is specially formulated for dry, sensitive skin. It’s made with a combination that has proven to be highly beneficial for dry, sensitive skin. Trusted by moms everywhere for use on their little ones. 

Join our subscription program and get 5% off and free shipping.  You can cancel at anytime.  

**Ultimate Hydration is made fresh and has a 5 month expiration date.  Keep this in mind when purchasing in bulk.**

INGREDIENTS: Water, Avocado Butter, Avocado Oil, Sunflower Oil, Coco Butter, Emulsifying Wax, Optiphen (preservative)

DIRECTIONS: Apply to skin whenever dry. Best used after bathing to help the skin retain its moisture. If you will be using Ultimate Hydration in addition to hydrocortisone cream, apply hydrocortisone cream first.


    Ultimate Hydration - Nut and Mango Free


    Can this be used on my baby?

    Yes it can, It's formulated for all ages.

    What are the ingredients?

    water, sunflower oil, avocado butter, avocado oil, cocoa butter, and optiphen.

    What is opthiphen?

    It is a paraben and formaldehyde free preservative that protects against mold and bacteria in lotions, body butter, and scrubs.

    What is your return policy?

    Our return policy is 30 days. You are responsible for the postage to have the product returned to us. You can only return a product to us that was purchased on our website.