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I believe that if you are blessed, it is a MUST that you share those blessings with other.  You must be a light in someone's life. Our two youngest children, Samantha and Elijah were adopted through what is called Kinship Adoption.  They are our biological grandchildren.  We received a message from their Bio mom asking if we could take Samantha and Elijah because they were going into foster care. Because it was such short notice, we couldn't stop them from going into foster care.   They had to go to a foster home for about a month.  We eventually  became foster parents so that we could adopt them.  Although the process to become a foster parent wasn't long, the adoption process was.  It took over 4 years.  But on November 1, 2016, Samantha and Elijah officially became our children. 

In honor of that, for the entire month of November, we will be donating 5% of our sales to TRACares.  TRACares is a grassroots charity, ran by volunteers.  TRACares help adoptee's and birth families in need.

I have witnessed the love of this organization.  They came together in a matter of hours to help a grandmother of 8.  This grandmother needed so much assistance to not only keep her grandchildren out of foster care, but most importantly, keep them together. TRACares came to the rescue. 

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Jessica Culbreth
Jessica Culbreth
God is working and ps the all over butter works I’ve seen it in action over the last 10 years it’s the truth please go buy a small something let’s help out families in need this holiday season through spreading nothing but love joy hope and faith 5% for 5 years is awesome 👏 let’s go TRACARES

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