Our soy candles have true to life scents.  They have wonderful cold and hot throw.  Available in 6oz and 9oz and 16oz


Soy Wax, Wood Wicks, and Fragrance Oil


Keep flame away from children and items that can catch fire. Use a candle snuffer for prolonged wick life.

Available Scents 

- Bamboo Coconut

- Rosemary Sage

- Sea Mist

- Sea Salt Orchard

- Eucalyptus Mint

- Frankincense and Myrrh

- Alpine Balsam

- Sangria

- Apple Whisky

- Gin

- Mimosa


- Mint Mojito


"This is the highlight of my day, aromatherapy is a must these candles help me relax YALL STRAWBERRY shortcake!" 
-L. Ware Blackwell

"I also adore the soy candles. Great scent throw and melt down beautifully! This is a small business with terrific customer service. Give the products a try; you will not be disappointed!” 
-K. Glavaris

Soy Candle

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